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Sai Divine Vastra is your one-stop for the most exclusive designer for Sai Baba Cholas / Vastras / Rumalas for offering at all the temples of 'Sai Babaji' in the world.


At Sai Divine Vastras, the 'Cholas' are individually designed and created such a way that no two 'Cholas' are similar. A wide range of colour, design and price has been created for exclusivity of each esteemed customer. When you wrap our cholas upon him, you will be embracing be lord. We are the manufacturers and wholesalers. We design clothes for all Sai Baba across the world and get it delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

Baba's love happened to me all of a sudden 20 years back. His place, his calm, his love fulfilled me. I used to go to his temples and look into Baba's divine eyes. Baba even gave me the opportunity to do a lot of seva in the mandirs.

When I went to Shirdi, Sai Baba put in my mind - "this is the new seva make vastras for me".

I decided to involve myself more in promoting the cause of Sai Baba who is everyday blessing me in different ways. To begin with, I started small charities, visiting and giving small financial helps to the handicapped childern school in Shirdi and othe runder priviledged people, even giving small financial help to the devotees who wanted to have darshan of Sai Baba at Shirdi Temple. But as my personal resources are small and limited, I decided to generate some income for meeting the expenses of the nodel causes mentioned above.

Just like Kabir Das chanted Ram Ram in every weave, I chanted Sai Sai in every weave of chola. Thanks to Sai Baba ji, I also started making cholas for all the Bhagwanjis. With the Sai Baba's blessings I already did my fashion designing course at South Delhi, Polytechnic.

My whole life, my every breath remains in gratitute to Sai Baba. Today I make divine vastras and even offer them at Shirdi and many other temples across the world.

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Our Address: Block A, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110024(through appointment only)



Tel:  +91 98183 06979

         +9179820 93262

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